Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Hubby Wrote A Poem About My Nails !!!!!

Color of a finger
The summer has finished , now it's time for fall
And the color of the leaves, and the beauty of it all.
The luster of your nails, and how long they have grown.
To have you as my wife and love you as my own.
Two brown-eyed boys, the gifts of our sons
Like when I first saw you, I knew you was the one.
Your smile, your laugh, those beautiful blue eyes
Your hard work and loving care, to me it's no surprise
In amazement I look at you, and you don't even know
I just smile to myself, and inside my heart will glow.
What color should I make them, you cannot decide
Should I leave them clear or blue or maybe and OPI?
Whatever color you choose, it is sure to be a treat
It always turns out good, like your favorite food to eat.
I am very proud of you and the color of your fingers
So happy you are my wife, for your beauty will forever linger.
w/Love Your Husband Todd Rucker
My husband is just as wonderful as he thinks I am he's a wonderful husband father and man.

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